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Talk Like TED

Курс з ораторського мистецтва

Join our Talk Like TED online course and unlock the secrets to becoming an influential and captivating speaker from the comfort of your own home!


In this immersive program, we'll dive deep into the world of public speaking and explore techniques and strategies to help you deliver impactful presentations with confidence and poise. Whether you're a professional seeking to polish your speaking abilities or an individual looking to overcome stage fright, this course is tailored for you! 

Our interactive sessions include:

  • TED Talk discussions and analysis

  • Role-plays and impromptu speaking activities

  • Hands-on practice with peer feedback and guidance

  • Mock TED Talk Online Event at the end of the course.

How it works:

  • Each week, we'll focus on one powerful chapter from the renowned "Talk Like TED" book by Carmine Gallo.

  • Dive into the chapter's insightful content, exploring strategies and techniques used by TED speakers.

  • Expand your vocabulary by learning new words and expressions from the book and TED Talks.

  • Watch the TED Talks recommended for each chapter to witness these techniques in action.

  • Engage in lively discussions and share your thoughts with fellow participants in our dedicated Telegram group chat.

  • Benefit from the collective wisdom and insights as you prepare and deliver your speeches.


Join our Talk Like TED Course and unlock your full speaking potential! Don't miss this opportunity to become a persuasive and captivating communicator.

Register now to reserve your spot and take your speaking skills to new heights!

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